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eXtra loyalty program - 4 years and 11 111 participants in the region.
One of the biggest loyalty program for workshops and auto parts stores

  • eXtra loyalty program was introduced in region in 2012
  • For now the program involves more than 11 111 service stations and auto parts stores in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
  • eXtra loyalty program continues to evolve

One of the biggest loyalty program for service stations and auto parts stores - eXtra - celebrates 4 years in Russia. The program was introduced in the united region including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in 2012. During this time more than 11 111 service stations and auto parts stores in the region have joined the loyalty program, including more than 7000 enterprises in Russia.

As part of the loyalty program any retail outlet selling automotive parts or service station ordering parts for repair has the opportunity to receive prizes for cooperation with the eXtra program partner companies. Among the advantages of the program - transparent bonus points accumulation, no requirements for purchase volume and wide variety of different prizes depending upon the number of accumulated bonus points.

Participation in the program requires registration on site. Further bonus points are credited automatically when purchasing products from authorized dealers. Earned bonuses can be exchanged for goods from the eXtra catalogue currently featuring more than 150 items, including clothing or certificates for vocational training at the Bosch Training Centre.

Nadezhda Ionkina, Regional Manager of Bosch Sales Development: «eXtra loyalty program for is a form of gratitude to the partner service stations and auto parts retail stores for their loyalty to the high-quality Bosch components. Nice to know that the number of participants of the loyalty program has been steadily growing throughout these four years. "

eXtra loyalty program will continue to develop in the region. In European countries eXtra program also features alternative manufacturers of automotive goods: drive systems (GKN with SPIDAN brands and LÖBRO), oils (Motul, Castrol), tires (Michelin), tools (Stahlwille, Hazet), automotive care products (Sonax), and others. Expansion of the number of brands on the eXtra program is currently reviewed in Russia. For now the members of eXtra program receive bonus points for EZ spark plugs ordering in addition to Bosch products.