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MICHELIN joins the loyalty program Extra from Bosch


Expansion of one of the Russian’s largest loyalty program for workshops and auto parts stores

  • Michelin is the world's leading tire manufacturer
  • More rewards for Russian workshops and auto shops under the Extra Loyalty Program

Michelin, the world's leading tire manufacturer, joins one of the largest loyalty program for workshops and auto parts stores in Russia. Now the sellers will be able to receive bonus points under Extra Loyalty Program for the purchase of MICHELIN tires.

Extra program offers workshops and auto shops bonus points for the purchase of products of the program's partners - high-quality automotive component manufacturers - from authorized dealers. Participanst of the loyalty program can exchange the bonus points for various rewards - screwdrivers, tablets, branded souvenirs, as well as professional trainings and training programs for car service specialists. The full catalog of rewards contains more than 250 items.

At the moment in Russia, besides the Bosch and MICHELIN products, the Extra Loyalty Program also includes EZ spark plugs. In the European countries, the program also involves other manufacturers of: drive systems (GKN with the SPIDAN and LÖBRO brands), oils (Motul, Castrol, Shell), tools (Hazet), car care products (Sonax), etc. Further expansion of the brand list is considered in Russia.

Nadezhda Ionkina, Regional customer solutions and concept manager, Bosch: «The cooperation of Bosch and Michelin under the Extra program will be primarily beneficial to all participants of the loyalty program. After all, Bosch is one of the largest manufacturers of auto parts, and Michelin is the leader of the tire market. A larger number of bonus products will allow participating workshops and auto shops to receive more rewards».

Extra Loyalty Program

The Extra Loyalty Program was created by Bosch. In Germany more than 90% of all the workshops are participants of the program. In Russia, the program was presented at MIMS powered by Automechanika Moscow in 2012 and quickly gained popularity among retail outlets that sell auto parts. Now the program involves about 8,000 workshops and auto shops throughout Russia.