Marginal Column

Bosch is launching an online-configurator of test stands for diesel engine components checking up and repairing

  • Bosch is suggesting a choice among several models of test stands with different characteristics for diesel engines
  • An online-configurator facilitates the choice and helps to avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Possibility of step by step setting-up for selected equipment depending on the tasks that should be solved

Bosch Company is launching a new internet-service, oriented on service centers, which provide diagnostics and repair services for fuel components of diesel engines. A specially designed online-configurator helps these service stations to choose a test stand with a set of characteristics, optimally corresponding to appropriate needs of each concrete client.

Bosch online-configurator ( in the first step offers to choose a test stand itself — from the simplest models to those, that are designed for complex diagnostics of any diesel system. Further, a user can choose all necessary equipping for working with various components of fuel systems.

The new service systemizes information about Bosch test stands for diesel systems and thereby saves owners of service centers from necessity to deal with comparative charts with key characteristics for suggested equipment themselves. The configuration process consists of several steps. On each step the system suggests several variants of equipment to choose from, depending on user’s needs and the choice, made during the previous stage.

Online-configurator application will help Bosch service centers to facilitate the process of equipment choice and avoid unnecessary expenses for purchasing unnecessary details and components. As a result, available resources will be distributed more effectively.