Horns and Fanfares

Bosch Horns and Fanfares: More than 80 years of setting the tone

Since 1921 Bosch has been supplying powerful acoustic signalling devices featuring the latest technology, absolutely reliable operation and a long service life. When it comes to selecting signalling devices, renowned vehicle manufacturers throughout the world put their trust in first-class genuine Bosch quality.

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Normal Tone Horns: Metallic Sound, Maximum Safety

Normal tone horns from Bosch are dependable and offer totally reliable operation. The metallic sound of a normal tone horn is clearly audible whatever the environmental and weather conditions.

Electropneumatic Fanfares: Guaranteed to Draw Attention and Ensure Safety

The perfect solution for every vehicle: Electropneumatic fanfare horns are the signalling devices most widely used in road traffic. Their penetrating sound makes them the preferred choice. They are available separately or in a set from Bosch.