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  • Battery chargers

    Compact battery chargers C3 and C7: Full power at the touch of a button

    In wintry temperatures, your vehicle needs a lot more electrical energy than at mild temperatures, which puts the starter battery under a lot of strain. If a lot of convenience functions need power too, and the battery is also working hard on frequent short trips, it helps to charge the battery in good time with the C3 or C7 battery charger from Bosch. Simply connect and begin the charging process – Bosch battery chargers enable reliable, fatigue-free charging with one-button operation.

    • For all types of lead-acid battery: Easy, reliable charging or maintenance of voltage
    • Memory function saves last device settings
    • Self-monitoring thanks to an innovative safety concept
    • Protected against dust and splash water (IP 65)
    • Ergonomic to handle and especially user-friendly – received the Red Dot Design Award as an "honorable mention 2011"
    • Sturdy and reliable
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