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    Timing Belt and water pump components in a practical kit

    For quick, professional replacement

    Timing Belts, tensioning rollers, idler and guide rollers are all subject to considerable loads. So Bosch advises full replacement by an expert at the recommended intervals.

    For quick and expert replacement, Bosch can offer workshops all wear parts in a practical Timing Belt and water pump kit.

    ESI[tronic], the world's leading diagnostic software from Bosch, gives detailed step-by-step instructions for every vehicle, thus saving precious workshop time.

    Drive belt kits from Bosch for all standard vehicle models:

    • 3 tailor-made kits:
      • Timing Belt tensioning roller kit containing all the necessary rollers
      • Timing Belt tensioning element kit containing the damper/tensioning arm required for the vehicle concerned
      • Timing Belt water pump kit additionally containing the water pump
    • With matching components for a perfect fit
    • Made to the high quality standards of vehicle manufacturers
    • Comprehensive functional and endurance testing ensures maximum reliability
    • The Bosch kit range is regularly adapted to the latest technical developments and to accommodate extra vehicle models
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