Bosch spark plugs for self-installation

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Bosch spark plugs are the motorists' favourite

Bosch spark plugs

Readers of the magazines "auto motor und sport" and "Auto Bild" voted for Bosch as the best make in the "Spark plug" category in 2012.

  • Product information

    No tedious searching: The quick and easy way to find the right spark plug

    Anyone wanting to do their own replacement can buy the spark plugs off the shelf in a blister pack.

    The simple system of ID number and Bosch number points the way straight to the required spark plug. And to all the important information on correct, professional installation.

  • Fitting instructions

    Installation tips

    Fitting instructions

    - Choose a spark plug with an electrode gap of 0.7 mm (standard) or regulate the gap accordingly.

    - Always clean the cylinder head before removing an old spark plug.

    - Remove the old spark plug.

    - Start by screwing in the new spark plug by hand and then tighten to the correct torque using a torque wrench (refer to separate box).

    - Check the spark plug connector (visual inspection for cracks). Replace this if defective.

    - Apply the insulating paste directly to the connector.

    - Attach the connector.

    Spark plug installation using a torque wrench:

    • Tightening torque (N • m): 10 N • m ˜ 1 kpm for dry, non-greased/non-oiled threads and new seals.
    • Reduce the torque by 1/3 for lubricated threads or on re-installation.

    (Exception: Spark plugs with aligned ground electrode).

    Please always observe the instructions on the pack.

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