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Bosch Batteries are essential for motorcycles

  • Bosch has been a world leader in motorcycle batteries production since 1922
  • Bosch offers a range of two motorcycle battery types: M6 AGM and M4F. In addition the range includes the battery with Gel technology designed specifically for BMW motorcycles, and the innovative Li-ion batteries
  • Bosch motorcycle batteries are suitable for almost all motorcycle models and many other types of motor-driven vehicles and equipment: jet skis, snowmobiles, ATVs etc.

Batteries are essential for about all motor vehicles. Bosch has been in motorcycle battery production for more than 90 years. Today Bosch manufactures batteries not just for motorcycles but also for ATVs, jet skis, scooters, and even lawn mowers.

Designed for motorcycles

Unlike automotive batteries, including the models designed for commercial vehicles, motorcycle batteries are supplied dry-charged. The delivery kit includes a container with electrolyte. This allows extending the storage term of motorcycle batteries which are regarded a seasonal good in Russia considering the climate.

Bosch boasts more than 90 years of motorcycle batteries production history: mass production at the plant in Stuttgart-Feuerbach started in 1922. Batteries have been featuring the highest quality and the best engineering solutions since then and to this day.

Motorcycle batteries today

Previously motorcycle batteries in the 6V range were the most common type, but currently many motorcycle models are commonly equipped with special 12-volt batteries. Bosch motorcycle battery range includes both lines:

  • M4F 12V and 6V
  • M6 with AGM 12V technology

Alexander Kotelnikov, Bosch Training Center specialist:

“Some specific conditions are typical for motorcycle battery operation due to the fact that motorcycles lean, sometimes severely, and even fall down. Therefore, the maximum efficiency and safety can be provided in case motorcycles are equipped with Bosch batteries with AGM technology.”

AGM technology

The premium M6 line of batteries features AGM technology: plates inside the battery are enclosed in fiberglass separators. Thus, the electrolyte soaks the fiberglass mats and is fully immobilized.

Thanks to AGM technology M6 batteries are absolutely safe: they are completely sealed and protected against electrolyte leakage even in case the battery housing is destroyed. At the same time their service life compared to conventional batteries for motorcycles is by 20% longer.

Bosch M6 battery provides outstanding starting power, significantly exceeding EN and DIN standards. At the same time water loss of the battery in normal charge/discharge cycle is so small that no watering needed during the operating period.

Alexander Kotelnikov, Bosch Training Center specialist:

“Some motorcycle models feature horizontally mounted batteries. In this case, a conventional battery is not suitable, as it cannot be mounted for operation in horizontal position. Therefore, when choosing the battery it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, or to find the desired battery using the special catalogues, available on the Bosch site.”

Next generation innovations: the lithium-ion technology

Thanks to lithium-ion technology Bosch M Li-ion innovative ultra light battery is up to 10 times more resistant to cyclic loads compared to conventional lead-acid batteries. This ensures optimal starting current and stable operation even at high temperatures. Bosch M Li-ion battery does not contain conventional electrolyte, it is completely sealed and can therefore be installed in any position. In addition, the battery requires no maintenance and has a longer service life due to low self-discharge. As a result it is ready for operation even after a long storage period (during a winter, for example). Also, the battery is suitable for use in extreme operating conditions typical for sport bikes and racing motorcycles. In Germany, this new motorcycle battery is available since November 2015. In Russia, Li-ion batteries for motorcycles are not yet available but will be included in the product range in the future.

Alexander Kotelnikov, Bosch Training Center specialist:

"The life of a motorcycle battery depends on several factors: frequency of operation, state of the alternator, etc. Motorcycle battery service is similar in terms of operations to the common procedure for automotive batteries: checking the charge level, if necessary, recharging, and monitoring the level of electrolyte (this operation is not needed for Bosch batteries). Plus, due to the specific condition of periodical operation checking of housing integrity is mandatory. In case the housing is damaged, electrolyte may leak and destroy the components of motorcycle engine. As currently most motorcycle models are commonly equipped with special 12-volt batteries, a conventional charger will be suitable for service. For example, Bosch C1, C3, and C7 chargers will be the solution. If the model features a 6V battery - only Bosch C3 charger with the special 6-volt mode can be used for recharging. For comprehensive assessment of the battery at a service station the special Bosch BAT 131 tester is the best tool. The testing procedure of the device does not require electrical load applied to the battery. Testing takes a few seconds to determine the general condition of the battery and allows printing the test results."