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New to the Bosch spare parts range: Steering systems and components for cars, trucks and buses

  • Steering systems perfectly complement the Bosch product range
  • Steering components as replacement parts within the Bosch eXchange range
  • Bosch diagnostic equipment for repairs on modern electric power steering systems

Steering systems in modern cars, trucks and buses are very robust and designed to withstand the vehicle’s complete service life. In case parts of the steering system are worn or damaged by an accident, they are to be replaced by systems and spare parts featuring equally high quality. Since Bosch took over 100 percent of ZF Lenksysteme GmbH, the Bosch spare-parts range now also includes complete OE-quality steering systems and components for all types of vehicles – reaching from compact cars to long-distance trucks. Besides mechanical and hydraulic steering systems, the Bosch range also includes electric power steering systems – a prerequisite for a whole series of modern assistance systems and for autonomous driving used more and more often by car and commercial-vehicle manufacturers.

Steering systems are specifically designed for each type of vehicle. In case of replacement, workshops thus have to install identical systems again. On the one hand, of course, these can be new systems straight from the factory. On the other hand, however, for economical repairs based on the vehicle’s current value, remanufactured systems are a worthy alternative. The Bosch eXchange range thus includes a large number of remanufactured steering systems and components. The systematic replacement of wearing parts, comprehensive quality checks and functional tests throughout the remanufacturing process always ensures high quality of eXchange products. Both, the workshops and their customers can be sure the components and steering systems are as safe and functional as genuine new parts.

New opportunities for workshops to generate turnovers servicing steering systems

In addition, Bosch supports workshops in troubleshooting and replacement of steering systems and components by means of test equipment and know-how. Considering the growing number of electric power steering systems, the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment becomes ever more important. By means of wheel-alignment systems, diagnostic testers and the Esitronic software package, the Bosch workshop range provides anything workshops need for professional diagnoses on all types of steering systems. Special trainings at the Bosch training centers and the technical hotline condition workshops to perform tasks on automotive steering systems. The comprehensive Bosch range consisting of parts, bytes and services allows workshops to access the profitable steering-system market.