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Racing teams worldwide rely on Bosch spark plugs


Bosch spark plugs – #1 in auto racing

  • Extreme loads imposed by conditions typical for motor sports require highly reliable components
  • Spark plugs are among the most important automotive components as they are responsible for smooth operation of the engine
  • Bosch spark plugs guarantee high engine performance even at maximum loads

Long before the beginning of the internationally acclaimed racing series next season thousands of race engineers of different teams used to develop and test new components for racing cars. Season 2017 pose new challenges to teams, drivers and cars facing extreme stress during races. Most race engineers around the world rely on Bosch spark plugs. Their choice is supported by more than a century of experience of cooperation with leading automotive manufacturers and racing teams. The highest level of performance and unmatched reliability - these are the reasons for the popularity of Bosch spark plugs in motorsport and passenger car production.

The experience of Bosch guaranties reliable engine performance

The ignition system based on the high-voltage magneto and spark plugs was patented by Bosch in 1902. Only a year later Bosch spark plugs achieved the first success in the world of auto racing. Belgian racer Camille Jenatzy won Gordon Bennett Cup in Ireland driving Mercedes 60 hp, equipped with the innovative Bosch ignition. Since then the company remains one of the largest suppliers of spark plugs for racing cars participating in a wide variety of internationally acclaimed racing series.

Bosch achieved success of this scale thanks to the technologies and the fact that many sparks for motorsport use are made on demand. The regular Bosch customers include teams from Formula and GT series, various endurance cups, rally championships and rally-raids. Each racing season new spark plugs are designed for the world's largest series. Bosch engineers design about 400 new spark plug types a year specifically for racing.

Different types of races and extreme conditions of operation - are a great test lab for innovations. Bosch spark plugs - are advanced technologies integrated in each component. After research and testing a racing technology goes into mass production. Being a leader in motorsports - means being ready to meet new requirements of the automotive market in the future.

Motorsport components in mass production

At least 1 200 different types of Bosch spark plugs manufactured for mass production passenger cars include technologies tested and proven both in laboratories and motorsport. Bosch racing innovations that set a standard for mass production include platinum plugs, M10 thread diameter plugs as well as the new design of the contact cap.

Bosch tested platinum alloy for the first time in 1970 during the 24-hours of Le Mans in the Porsche 917 that won the endurance race without a single failure. Since 1983 Bosch uses precious metals in mass production of spark plugs.

The company traditionally sets important trends in the development and production of new spark plugs that laid the foundation for the development of powerful, economical and environmentally friendly engines. To this day the leading car manufacturers continue to use Bosch spark plugs as OEM parts.

Bosch set several modern trends in the spark plug production. First - the reduced size of spark plugs both for motorsport application and series production. Racing car engines have been lately equipped with plugs with bore diameter thread of M10 and M8 that led to the advent of mass production to plugs with M12 and M10 threads. Second, the characteristics of spark plugs are constanly improved. The basic direction - is the use of more advanced materials and changing the plug designs. This led to development of the directed side electrode for improved ignition and center electrode of precious metal alloys set with the 360-degree laser welding technology. The shape of the body and the insulator is changing, high-quality ceramics are used to improve the dielectric properties. Without the innovative plug designs, many trends in the design and manufacture of engines could not be developed including direct injection, reducing engine size and capacity, hybrid drive system development, reduced fuel consumption, environmental friendliness, simplicity and reliability.

Serial Bosch spark plugs provide high performance, stability and quality, increased wear resistance. The most advanced types can stand the voltage of 45 kV, and offer 3-4 times longer service life compared to conventional spark plugs.

Winners have been giving their preference to Bosch for the past 115 years!